赛康公司是数字印刷领域的领导者之一,我们设计、开发、销售高质量的数字彩色印刷系统,产品线覆盖了整个印刷领域。我们提供采用了干碳粉静电处理技术和先进的工作流程的卷筒纸印刷机。基于开放式标准,赛康数码印刷机可以与任何工作流程集成。赛康数字印刷设备是质量、速度、可靠性、印刷方式与灵活性的完美组合。特别值得一提的是,赛康数字印刷设备的使用将对环境更友好,可将数字印刷技术带入一个可持续且有利可图的更高境界。 A pioneer in digital printing, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers high-end digital color printing systems covering the entire spectrum of professional printing applications. Its systems are composed of advanced web-fed presses using led array dry toner electrophotography and cutting-edge workflow software. Based on open standards, they can be integrated in virtually any workflow. Xeikon solutions stand out by their exceptional combination of print quality, speed, reliability, print formats and flexibility. What is more, Xeikon systems as well as prints are particularly eco-friendly, turning digital printing into a sustainable and profitable business.