Packaging Update

《世界包装博览》杂志和网站,面向中国包装从业人员。杂志全面报道国内外最新的包装技术和产品,致力于帮助企业降低包装成本、提高生产效率,是中国包装从业人员了解全球包装行业技术进展和采购材料与设备的最佳资讯平台。 《世界包装博览》杂志和网站有一支熟悉中国包装行业的资深编辑团队,并可依托国际合作方Packaging Digest的编辑力量和销售网络。 《世界包装博览》杂志和网站在编辑内容上以食品、饮料、医药、日化等行业的包装应用和塑料、纸包装制品的生产及标签印刷为重点。 Serving China’s packaging marketplace, Packaging Update covers the latest packaging machinery, materials, technologies and products, which are helpful in lowering packaging costs and increasing production efficiency. Packaging Update is a qualified platform for packaging professionals to keep up with the development of China’s packaging industries and to exchange material and machinery trade information from around the world. Packaging Update is strongly supported by the editorial and sales teams of Packaging Digest US, as well as the resources of the global media partners. It has an experienced editorial team deeply involved in China’s packaging industry. Packaging Update covers the whole scope of China’s packaging industry, focusing on the packaging applications of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and personal care products and the manufacturing and printing of plastic and paper packages and labels.