Taghleef Industries

缇艾包装工业是世界上最大的BoPP和CPP生产商之一,专注于标签和包装薄膜。缇艾集团从全球不同的生产点和销售点向世界提供薄膜和服务:中东三家工厂,欧洲两家工厂,澳洲一家工厂;德国和美国的分销中心以及中国上海的销售办公室。以丰富的经验以及专家资源,缇艾为广大软包印刷商和终端用户提供全方位的包装方案。而中国的标签市场,高品质,高产异化的特殊标签膜将是缇艾集团的重要侧重点。 Ti is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of BoPP and CPP films around the world. Specialising in label and packaging films, Ti service these markets from a Global infrastructure consisting of three manufacturing units in the Middle-East, two in Europe, one in Australia plus distribution centres in Germany and USA with a sales office in China. With our experienced and expert personnel, Ti work with a range of convertors and end users to truly deliver worldwide packaging solutions. Within the label market for China, the focus for Ti is about delivering speciality, high quality and differentiated products.