Shanghai Shuchang Self-Adhesive Products Co Ltd

四川蜀昌不干胶制品有限公司是一个内迁型生产企业,厂房面积18000平方米,办公楼、宿舍楼2500平方米。主要生产不干胶商标纸:铜版纸、光粉纸、易碎纸、耐高温PVC、PET;格拉辛底:铜版纸、PET、间隔胶、轮胎胶等各种不干胶材料,产品销往世界各地。 公司根据市场发展的客观要求,进一步完善现代企业管理制度,培养多元化的投资主体,使公司真正成为自主经营、自负盈亏的市场竞争主体。公司本着“不求最好,只求更好”的管理团队理念,优质的产品,完善的服务,永创质量第一的现代化企业。以客为本的宗旨,让客户满意是我们的奋斗目标,我公司与新老朋友共创美好明天。 Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. Sichuan Shu Chang is a move into production enterprise, plant area of 18,000 square meters, office building, dormitory building 2500 square meters. Produces self adhesive paper: coated paper, light pink paper, easy shredding, high-temperature PVC, PET, Gerasin bottom: coated paper, PET, plastic spacing, tire rubber and other adhesive materials,Products sold around the world. According to the market with the objective, and further improve the modern enterprise management system, develop a wide range of investors, the company truly autonomous, self-market competitors. Company of "not the best, only better" management team concept, high-quality products, perfect service, Wing Chong quality modern enterprise. Customer-oriented purpose, so that customer satisfaction is our goal, our old and new friends for a better tomorrow.