Teslin Substrate from PPG Industries

PPG 旗下出品的TESLIN(R)基材,是一种独特的微孔材料,被广泛地应用 在了标签及模内装饰产品的加工。TESLIN基材具有容易、高质量的加工适性,且坚固耐用,是某些特殊标签市场应用的理想选择。其单张材料同样具 备先进的功能,如:防篡改、防窃启、静电消除以及客户定制化的防伪功能。TESLIN材料具备杰出的灵活性和耐热性,可抵抗加工 过程中产生的热度,其令人难以置信的、高强度与模制品的贴标功能,避免了任何胶黏剂的使用。
A unique microporous material, TESLIN(R) substrate by PPG is used in a wide range of label and in-mold decoration products and solutions. Easy, high-quality print capability and rugged durability make TESLIN substrate the ideal choice for many label applications. The sheet material also offers advanced functionalities including tamper-resistant, tamper-evident bonds, electrostatic dissipation and customer-specific security features. With excellent flexibility and thermal stability to withstand processing temperatures, TESLIN substrate forms incredibly strong bonds with molded articles without the need for adhesives.